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Turtle Island Yoga


$20 drop-in, 5/$95, 10/$180


Turtle Island Yoga


$20 drop-in, 5/$95, 10/$180 - with teacher's permission

Monday 9:30-11:00am Yoga Studio Larkspur* 2 $19 or see web site
Tuesday  9:30-11:00am Turtle Island Yoga 1-3 $20 drop-in, 5/$95, 10/$180
Wednesday    9:30-11:00am Yoga Studio Larkspur* 2 $19 or see web site

6:00 - 7:30pm

Turtle Island Yoga

All Levels

$20 drop-in, 5/$95, 10/$180

Thursday 9:00-10:30am Turtle Island Yoga 1-3 $20 drop-in, 5/$95, 10/$180
Class Levels
Beginning no experience required
Continuing beginner at least 3 months experience
Intermediate working knowledge of poses
only with permission of instructor

*Yoga Studio - Larkspur Landing
2200 Larkspur Landing
Larkspur, CA
(415) 380-8800 | web site



Workshops with Tony

Advanced Studies and Therapeutic Intensives

Saturdays, 12:30-6pm, $125
The Yoga Loft, 321 Divisadero, San Francisco , CA , 415-626-LOFT

February 9, Backbending

February 16, Ankles and Knees

February 23, Hips and Low Back

March 1, Neck and Shoulders

March 8, Standing Poses

April 5, Twists and Forward Bends

April 12, Backbends and Inversions

April 19, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

May 3, Insomnia

May 10, Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders

September 20, Categories of Asana and The Art of Sequencing

October 18, Seated Poses and Forward Bending

November 1, The Art of Demonstration and Verbal Instruction

November 8, Twisting – Releasing the Spine, Accessing the Organs

February 7, 2009, Backbending

Advanced Yoga Studies/Teacher Training at Turtle Island Yoga

Coming to Turtle Island in January, 2008: 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program.

Faculty: Tony Briggs, Liz Levy, Anne O’Brien, Ramanand Patel, Patricia Sullivan, Ann Dyer, Maritza, and Dario Fredrick.

Curriculum: Classroom teaching methods, Anatomy, Sutras / Bhagavad-Gita, Chanting, Yoga Therapeutics and much, much more.

For a sample of the 2007 program, click here. Complete information for the 2008 program will be available mid-July. If you’d like to discuss your participation in the 2008 program, email

Tony Briggs teaches yoga in a modern, humorous and hard-hitting way, without compromise or new-age veneer. He is a true teachers' teacher, providing the intimate yet demanding relationship for students to explore and expand. He encourages his students to tread the path of self-discovery with a cool head, a wide heart and a warm belly. Tony considers teaching as a creative act, one that begs for devotion, insight, spontaneity and leaps of confidence. Tony has been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly three decades. While his studies in both India and the U.S. include many years of Iyengar yoga, his teaching is also influenced by the practice of internal martial arts.

By excluding the dogmatic methodology found in most modern yoga traditions, Tony enables students to more personally integrate the information in order to embody the practice. Tony Briggs is the Director and principle teacher of The Art of Teaching at The Yoga Loft. Tony is also founder and director of Turtle Island Yoga in Marin County, where he offers ongoing public classes, workshops and retreats, as well as teaching internationally. He has also written for Yoga Journal.

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